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Rudder Pedal Extension Mod

World Wide Warbirds has a rudder pedal extension modification.

Installation of the left pedal took about two hours. A mirror is hugely helpful - along with a willing petite wife to squeeze below the instrument panel! The right pedal went a little faster - about an hour or so, until we hit putting the cotter pin back in the castle nut. Heat and time caused us to delay completion for another day. On day two we found the hole in the bolt wasn't perfectly round. The new cotter pin wouldn't fit. After a quick reaming, it was good to go.

As much as 4 inches of extra leg room
Fewer bruises on your legs from knobs in the cockpit
Ability to change the pedal distance, rather than always "full forward"
Less stiffness in your knees at the end of a flight
You may have to re-route a air line or two to prevent your toes from hitting them

After flying about 10 hours with the new extensions, they were well worth the money. I highly recommend them.

Removing the Left Pedal:

Installing the Left Extension:

Removing the Right Pedal:

Pedal Installation Complete: