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Stainless Steel Exhaust

I ordered the exhaust from Aircraft Exhaust. The new system has 2 inch extensions to put the exhaust further into the slip stream.

Here's the old system. Fortunately, there were no holes yet.

Some gentle persuasion with the exhaust tool from removed the old system.

Installation of the lower sections on each side was somewhat finicky, but it was accomplished without too much trouble. The rest of the sections went on easily.

Drilling the hole for the smoke system injector was a snap. I'm sure the new drill bit helped.

After running the engine, checking for leaks, re-tightening the retainers and safety wiring it all together the cowling went back on. Clearance was very tight. I ended up putting a slight bend in the cowling to give some clearance and make getting the cowling on and off easier.


I ended up with a broken flange on one section. Repair wasn't possible and the original manufacturer isn't around anymore. I bought replacement S/S sections from Doug Sapp at to replace the entire left side.