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Flights by year:

Final Ferry Flight:

Aircraft: Nanchang CJ-6 (single 285 hp radial engine, normally aspirated) - Range: 2.75 hours (no reserve) - Cabin Heat: none
Hours logged: 18.8
Straight line distance: 2158 nm (2,483 mi)
Longest leg: F43-KJFX 272 nm (313 mi)
Shortest leg: KGMU-KUZA 65 nm (75 mi)
Highest Avg Ground Speed: 156 kts (180 mph)
Highest Ground Speed in level flight: 171 kts (197 mph)
Max Cruising Altitude: 9500 ft
Average Fuel Burn: 13.5 gph
Average Oil Consumption: ~1 qt/hour
Words of wisdom given: “Primer: down, locked, AND CLOSED”, “Righty tighty, lefty loosey”
Temperatures -
Lowest: 19F Odessa, TX
Highest: 78F El Paso, TX

Return flight: 6 hours (Airbus 321)

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