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Where do I start? This airplane is rated at +6/-3 G's. It's capable of the vast majority of aerobatic maneuvers.

Lazy Eights and Chandelles are a good place to start. Aileron rolls are just a lot of fun. Roll rate is not crushing - it's not a Pitts or an Extra. Check out Gabby at Land Aerosports to see videos of a much better aerobatic pilot than I.

The first time I did a split S was a five ship flight in extended trail. It was awesome.

I spent a weekend receiving aerobatics instruction from Wayne Handley ( I truly enjoyed the time and never once felt nervous or apprehensive during the instruction. By the end of the training, I was quite comfortable with aileron rolls, 4 point rolls, barrel roles, loops, cuban eights, reverse cuban eights, split s, immelmans and spins. This was the first time I had spun any aircraft and found the CJ-6 to be quite docile and predictable in the spin. There's no bogey man out there with this aircraft. Of course, get proper instruction prior to attempting any aerobatics.

Here's a helmet cam video of the third flight - it's got the spins we did: