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Simulator Training

I got it in my head that I might be able to use one of the Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) available on the market now. I saw some of the publicity about Redbird full motion simulators and having been an avid PC simulator geek since the late eighties, I went looking.

What I found locally was a company, Simcheck Intl (in Rancho Cordova, CA), using Precision Flight Controls simulators. Simcheck's website looked pretty slick and professionally done, so I elected to check them out.

They offered to do a skills evaluation at no charge - SCORE! The model I used was the CRX and it was pretty awesome. The sim is based on the FAA Approved version of X-Plane. The visuals are great and the experience is very much like flying the real aircraft (for me, it was the C812S).

I was not pleased with the price and they wanted all the money up front. I found out the website was out of date and Simcheck was not willing to honor the prices listed or even be competitive with other businesses. It felt like a bait and switch situation, not to mention false advertising. I elected not to train with Simcheck. Until they become competitive and bring their prices down, I wouldn't recommend anyone else train there either.


I went ahead and completed the Instrument Rating and Commercial License - without any simulator time.

Since then, I've discovered PilotEdge. It's "Professional air traffic control for flight simulators". I've decided to use it to help maintain proficiency (if not currency) flying in the IFR system. I'd also recommend it for VFR pilots who are afraid of ATC and want to be able to take advantage of Flight Following.