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There's a few pieces of equipment you'll have to consider:

  • Nomex Flight Suit and gloves - Lots of arguments on whether these are necessary. Nomex is hot, but it could give you an extra 6 seconds or so in a fire. I like flying with gloves - even without the Nomex flight suit
  • Flight Helmet - I've settled on a surplus Chinese TK Jet Fighter Helmet (tons on e-bay) and electronics by Oregon Aero ( The combo works out to be about 1/2 the price of a HGU helmet. My brain housing unit is precariously close to the canopy. Any bumps at all can cause a painful wack. The helmet softens that a little.
  • Parachutes - two if you want to do aerobatics with a passenger - try The Parachute Shop or Silver Parachutes
    I found the Strong Model 306 Squadron Seat to be perfect for a CJ-6
  • Radios - the Chinese one's are heavy and of no use in the US, swap them out with U.S. ones. I settled on Becker radios.
  • Paint - newly imported planes may need a new paint job. Mine seems to be OK for now