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Flying the CJ-6 is blast! Fully aerobatic and quite a thrill.

Some things to note:

  • The propeller turns in the opposite direction of Continentals/Lycomings - left rudder is required on takeoff and climb
  • Will run on mogas! The Chinese use 70 Octane.
  • The Attitude Indicator in a stock plane looks upside down. Brown on the top, blue on the bottom.
  • 3 hours of fuel - it's legs are short, but it's a lot of fun getting there!
  • +6 to -3.5 G rating!
  • Top speed about 160 knots
  • Cruise about 148-156 knots
  • Stall 60 knots
  • Approach about 80 knots

What's faster, the Yak-52 or the CJ-6? Take a look:


I plan for 140 knots in cruise. Sometimes I see more, but it's a good number to work with.